Monday, November 30, 2009

I applaud the Swiss vote to ban minaret construction!

Hooray for the Swiss!

First and foremost every country has the sovereign right to make laws and provisions that it feels is best for its populace and NOT POPULAR OPINON from other countries around the world.

I applaud their decision!

The Swiss, because they recognize the threat that these wayward thinking, over zealous, extremist fanatical people pose to the fabric of their society should be applauded for their courage under fire!

They don't want any of the foolishness that they see happening in other countries that happens when Muslims gain a foothold or control.

There are the good and bad people in every "religion" and I have nothing personal against the Muslims as individuals, I do have problems with their overall idealism. I do, emphatically and most seriously reject ANY religious organization that uses any force in any manner to further its cause and I have no qualm about containing future expansion of extremist groups.

Just because a group of people wants to revive the Nazi party should we should allow that group to expand and try to take over the world again?

I am aware that not all Muslims are extremists or zealots or dangerous. My sympathy goes out to those who are targeted unjustly in racial profiling. There are, however, many factions that have demonstrated a propensity for doing harm.

The War Mongering United States could take a HUGE lesson from the Swiss. The Swiss have not been at war with another country in a very long time; contrast that with the United States which is a country that is in perpetual war with some country or countries, somewhere on the globe at any given time.

The United States allows any minority to come in and start changing America for their own purposes mitigating many aspects of the Constitution and rights of the people that are already there.

The Muslims preach peace, but they have an agenda. They want religious domination and they have demonstrated this with cruel practices all over the world. Once they get a foot hold in a country they try and take over the religion of that country.

The Swiss see this as an "invasion" to the sanctity of their way of life and have every right to limit or contain what they see as a clear and present danger.

This is not about religious freedom.

When anyone practices their religious freedom in a manner that is peaceful, non-threatening and makes absolutely no demands on the host country then they are, in my opinion, doing what should be allowed to happen in any country.

Notice that in Muslim countries they will kill people that want to express a Religious freedom other than Islam!

Many of these people and their misguided ideals are very dangerous.

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