Monday, August 16, 2010

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama announces 15 recess appointments, scolds GOP

In my opinion Obama should SLAP the GOP and the Tea Party and anyone else that just wants to Jabbar and not do anything.

This political fighting is getting out of hand. It has been out of hand for a long time.

Check this out.

1) George Washington was an Independent.
2) John Adams was a Federalist.
3) Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican
4) James Madison was a Democratic-Republican
5) James Monroe was a Democratic-Republican

What? A DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLIC? What does that mean? Well one thing for sure is the early Congressmen, the true statesmen were more concerned about the country at that time than getting reelected. I think we need some severe term limits in Congress. We need to get rid of powerful career politicians.

Folks, consider cleaning house and voting INDEPENDENT in the NEXT ELECTION.

Seems we could use some more of that Democratic-Republican party!

Our current politicians in CONGRESS are useless.

JFK-Challenge "... Put a person on the moon and bring him back safely to earth"
Country embarks on Challenge.
Man goes to moon and back. The country wins!

Obama-Challenge "Health Care for Americans"
ONE SIDE WINS (squeaks by) WITH
Other side still fighting planning some more grief.

Obama should appoint more people while the fools are in recess.

The GOP stands for Goofy Old People. I'm a flower child from the 1960's. These Republican morons haven't got a clue about freedom, what's good for the people or what's good for the country.

The only thing Republicans can seem to do is mess things up and complain when they are not in the position to mess things up even more.

RETARDED BIG BUSINESS LEGISLATION is what you get when you have pseudo intelligent people that used to be or are currently lawyers that have simplest Doctorate Degree you can get on this planet, writing health care and other legislation that is beyond their realm of understanding.

What CONGRESS should have done with Health Care.
How they should have approached this using an ultra smart COMMON SENSE (we care what's best for the country) approach:

1)Appoint delegations comprised of United Nations translators (they are very good at real time translation with vocal inflections, mood etc.; doctors, Systems Engineers and Financial gurus NOT TIED TO ANY CORPORATE ENTITY (ie: insurance companies, Hospitals)

2) Send these people to at least 30 of the civilized world's Nations to observe and document what is GOOD and BAD about each countries health care system.

3) Then they compare notes and pick the best parts of all the systems.
The parts that benefit the people - Not the insurance companies or hospitals or middle men, etc.

4) Without the help of our foolish CONGRESS filled with absent minded blow hards, the cobble together a pristine health care system.

And if it completely guts the current system to shreds so be it. In the end it will be 1000 times better than what we have and will have with the current idiotic mess that still favors BIG business.


People expect Obama to be a Magician that is able to fix the things that are broken that took many years to break. It will take many years to fix and Obama's NOT the fixer. It's up to the SLOPPY CONGRESS to do that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yahoo Sucks!

We can thank Bill Gates for ruining EVERYTHING about our computer experiences.

Thanks to Microsoft's impartial, faceless, non-responsive, we-really-don't-give-a-shit-what-you-think attitude; other companies like Google, Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo have followed suit.

I remember when Yahoo was a list of links that came as an email. Actually, I was keeping a list of places way before the Stanford wah-hoos were doing it. My world wide web experience started in Nov 1991. Yeah we had NeXT machines at our office.

At least Yahoo has a contact us page that really works; you can actually contact someone. Google, Facebook, and others have a Contact Us page that has no link or place where you can actually contact anyone; even if their site is messing up. They have forums where you can gripe about things, but they are run people that are not part of the organization.

I don't know which is worse. Not being able to contact someone or having a company, like Yahoo, that allows you to contact them; they give you a feel good "yeah we agree with what you are saying ... blah ... blah ... blah" response that makes you feel like "hey" they really listened to what you had to say and then they do like the politicians ... nothing.

After the third time you have gotten the feel good "Lip Service" and nothing has changed then you realize it's just PR.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, etc., have gotten too big.

My gripe, which I will explain in a minute, is how Yahoo changed their wonderful Box Office Resource to a cheesy top ten list.

Even if all of the people who agreed with me on this all stopped using Yahoo at the same time, they wouldn't even notice the difference; so why should they care? ... If it is not impacting the bottom line then they really don't have to care or do anything. All they have to do is make you THINK that they are going to do something. Pacification. Put the pacifier in the baby's mouth ... they'll forget about the problem or will give up after a few days.

I found a reference to this at the Internet Archives. I had to go back pretty far because no Yahoo refuses to allow their content to be archived. PIGS!

Notice the archived charts. You used to be able to do an historical view. You could go back; see when a movie entered the list and then track it for several weeks. In the second picture you can see that they listed way more than 10 movies like they do now. Back then I complained about how they sorted the column headings.  Most sites that do this, or Explorer on your computer will toggle the sort when you select the top of a column. Yahoo's only performed the sort once per column. You had to select a different column before you could reselect the column you were on.

Twice I complained that it would be simple to add that feature. Twice I got this great response telling me we think that that is a great idea. ... yeah it was so great that they never implemented it.

When Yahoo switched to their new format the old Box Office was replaced by a top ten list.

Twice I complained about this; please bring back the old Box Office. Oh yeah, we think that this is a great idea you have. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Blah, blah, blah, blah blah!

More "Lip Service from the Yahoo PIGS saying how they're going to make it better. I am not holding my breath.

If I had twenty million followers Yahoo might take notice. Nobody gives a crap what I say, I don't have one comment for anything I've written.

They took a great resource and trashed it.

In the end  Yahoo is just like Microsoft. If it is not a hot button item for them then they just idle through it.

They've gotten lazy.

It is a little too much work to implement that feature and since that is not a big priority it probably will never get put back the way it was.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have A Stuck Gas Pedal Problem? Here's The Tool That Will Keep You Safe! The Best Part Is It Is Free!

You already have the tool that can help you fix this problem on any car. I'll show you how to do it.

This article is long but it can save your life!

If you have a car that has a gas pedal sticking problem you can use a tool that you already have at your disposal every minute of every day.

The tool I am referring to is your brain.

The recent news about another Toyota's gas pedal problem has prompted me to write this because it doesn't matter if it is a Toyota or a Lexus or a dump truck.

I just listened to the 911 call from car crash that killed CHP officer.
Here's an excerpt from the 911 call ...

Victim: We're in trouble there's no brakes.
911: OK
Victim: ... two and a half miles ...
911: Ok, you don't have the ability to like turn the vehicle off or anything?
Victim: ... we're approaching the intersection.
Victim: ... several screams ... fatal crash and death.

This was a trained CHP officer driving with his family. If a trained officer can have this problem and have a disastrous ending then how do you expect that you can survive this situation?

The truth is this tragedy did not have to happen.

Did you pay attention to the four most important words that are hardly ever mentioned when the news reports these events? "... turn the vehicle off?"

Why was this message ignored?


I will give you three examples from my life and then teach you a way you can handle this situation calmly.

Ex #1. I learned to Scuba Dive in 1971. My instructor was an old Navy Instructor that drilled this message into all of his students. Being underwater is a deadly and hostile place where you can die very easily. You are the most dangerous element to yourself.
He explained that PANIC is riding on your shoulder ready to take charge and cause you to do things that will in many cases result in your death.
As we progressed in our training in the pool, he would sneak up on us and turn our air off, pull our masks off, all sorts of surprises. At first it caused many people to lose it and wind up coughing and sputtering and screaming in the pool. But he did this in 5 feet of water. You can stand up. You're safe. What happens to you when you are 80' down and a calamity strikes?
I don't have to go into detail, but at the end of the training all of us were very comfortable with being underwater.

Ex #2.
The person who taught me how to ride a motor cycle had more than 250,000 miles of experience under his belt. I had a lot of 2 wheel bicycle experience but very little motorized experience.
This man put me through the ringer. He taught me how to drive a motorcycle while riding on the back of it with me. He was the most unruly passenger that you could have. His approach was gradual and then over several weeks it got violent. He would take his hands and cover my eyes; he would shake my head; he would violently move back and forth in all directions trying to make the bike tip over. He's stand up on the foot pegs and jump up and down. He did everything he could to try and make me crash.
After awhile, you can handle most situations that come up.

Ex #3.
I used to live where it snowed a lot. Whenever I got a new car that I had never driven in the snow, the first real snow day I would go to a large empty parking lot in a shopping center. I would go crazy. Donuts; Slam on the breaks; Go fast; Spins ... I would push the limit of the vehicle so I could see how it handled. How good is it with traction, how well does it stop? I would practice pumping the breaks (pre ABS/ anti-locking brake days) in short when I was done I knew what to expect if I hit an ice patch or other slippery road.

Here's how you can use the concept in these examples to train yourself for this problem. If you do this about three or four times you will be ready.

If you have a family member or friend that can help it's better.

Find a deserted road. This could be a highway, very late at night with no traffic, a country road or a very long and large parking lot. Have your friend simulate the stuck gas pedal by pressing on it. His foot is in the way so you can't slow down. Remember you do not have to exceed the speed limit to practice this. You are learning what to do if the pedal suddenly sticks on you.

What do you do?


SECOND THING: Calmly reach for the key and TURN THE MOTOR OFF.

THIRD THING: SLOW THE CAR DOWN AND GET CONTROL. Apply a steady pressure on the break. IF YOU HAVE POWER ASSISTED BREAKS TRY NOT TO PUMP THE BREAKS! Once the car is under control then navigate to the side of the road.
Under normal circumstances you have one or two pedal pushes on the breaks before the vacuum is gone. If the vacuum is gone the breaks will work but you have to press much harder for them to activate. You can also gradually pull up on the emergency break handle if this happens to gain some more help.

IF YOU HAVE POWER ASSISTED STEERING be prepared that it will be harder to steer the car.

What to practice when you do this:
Turning the car off.
Applying breaks with a steady pressure.
Applying breaks after pumping them when the vacuum is gone so you can see the difference.
Steering with no power to the power steering.
If the gas pedal is not stuck down to the floor, in other words the motor's RPM's are not very fast, you can try to put the car in a lower gear if you are on a hill to help slow the car before you turn it off. IF YOU ARE NOT ON A HILL put it in neutral so that you still have power steering and brakes to navigate

If you and every family member that drives practice this you will be better prepared for an emergency.

Sadly this is something our, sometimes worthless, news media should be informing/reminding us every time an accident like this occurs.

Stay calm and stay safe!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry State Of The Union

This is the "letter" from an American that I wish President Obama could read to the joint session of congress.

I watched the State of the Union address last night.

I did not hang around for the mindless news gossip or wait for the Democratic / Republican rubbish responses.

I paid more attention to the reactions that the members of Congress had rather than what President Obama said. In truth I agree with him more than any other President we've had in the last 50 years.

Dear Mr. President,

Who I am, specifically, is unimportant. I am John Doe, John Q. Public, just an average guy who is concerned about America and its future.

I applaud you Mr. President because you have seen and experienced poverty, uncertainty, discrimination and the bad things that normal Americans face each and ever day.

This is what I wish you would have the courage to say to the members of Congress. I wish this letter could be read by all Americans. Unfortunately I am a nobody and most people don't give a shit about what I think.

To the most senior and loftiest members in Congress:
1 Robert Byrd (D-WV)
2 Daniel Inouye (D-HI)
3 Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
4 Richard Lugar (R-IN)
5 Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
6 Max Baucus (D-MT)
7 Thad Cochran (R-MS)
8 Carl Levin (D-MI)
9 Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
10 Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
11 Arlen Specter (D-PA)
12 Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
13 John Kerry (D-MA)
14 Tom Harkin (D-IA)
15 Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
16 Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)
17 Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)
18 Richard Shelby (R-AL)
19 John McCain (R-AZ)

You people that hold these lofty positions as President pro tempore, Dean of the Senate, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, ranking members or chair persons in these committees: Appropriations, Judiciary, Foreign Relations, Finance, Armed Services, Banking, Energy, Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and Commerce just to name a few need a wake up call.

Everyone of you should hang your head in shame!

You arrogant, decadent, petty, worthless pieces of shit. You are like turds in a cat litter box. If most Americans felt like I do we would impeach you or un-elect you; then we would take your traitor / communistic asses out of your offices and put you onto garbage scows and ship you to China where you belong.

You aspiring Jr. Members who idolize these Peacocks with your sights on more power and prestige? Being like these arrogant fools? This should be the last thing you would want to do!

You, the leaders of our country, act like spoiled little bully brats on an Elementary School play ground.

We Americans are so fucking sick and tired of the RIGHT and the LEFT arguments.

How about UNITY for a change? You fucking morons!

Both sides are to blame. If last nights State of the Union Address had been given by a Republican President then the staunchly arm folding and clapping would have switched switched sides of the aisle in the Congressional Barnum & Bailey Circus Arena.

You people are stupidly predictable. I'm not going to clap because a Democrat is ...


What are you? Nine year olds?

You, jerks, who spend most of your time posturing, pontificating, denigrating and in general wasting our time tearing our country apart with grid-locks and bad rhetoric rather than trying to build it back up need to find another occupation.

And lets not forget the idiots in our Supreme Court with the new ruling that applies to campaign contributions. You Black Robed Fools ... Thanks for ruining our country. From its inception the High Court has had its share of mentally challenged individuals; I find no exception to this in todays climate. From the beginning dating back more than two centuries, corporate entities should have  had the brakes put on them. But no, when you have a succession of idiots interpreting the Constitution, down through the ages, mistakes are often made.

It takes much more than a fancy PhD to have common sense.

By the way for those of you that are unenlighted of this fact the Juris Doctorate (JD) is the simplest Doctorate to get on this planet. It is why we have 20 times more JD's than we have Medical, Computer Science, Educational, Physics and Mathematics Doctorates combined. Compare the typical questions from the LSAT to the MCAT ... I'll leave it to you to connect the dots. Lawyers need only a good memory (to remember where all of the pompous, bloated previous inane rhetoric/precedents are located and their implications) and a big speech box. The gift of gab!

Here are some quotes from other people on the web from

"A supreme court that allows individuals to have caps on political spending, but forbids the same rights for corporations is a kangaroo court.
Hello, Fall of the Republic. We knew you were coming. We didn't know you were moaning on our porch, brandishing your sickly member."

"Canada actually has an anti-lobbying law, it even forbids political people to work for corporations for 3 years after they leave office if they received any type of contributions from that corporation. I love Canada!"

"Damn you, you lucky bastard.
Hey by the way, can I rent your basement for a while when I move up there?"

"God Dammit. In the wake of this bullshit, I think it is high time politicians start wearing NASCAR-style jackets depicting the logos of the corporations that 'sponsor' (read: bought) them."

"Alternatively, maybe we can finance health care reform by selling the naming rights to members on the congressional floor. "Now taking the dais, is Senator Scott Brown, the JP Morgan Chase Republican from Massachusetts.""

"Now taking the Exxon Mobile Dias is Senator Scott Brown, the JP Morgan Chase Republican from Massachusetts, brought to you by Carl's Jr."




All of this arrogant pride and posturing and ownership. My plan is better than your plan kind of crap has to cease!

Lets take Health Care for example. Only the dumbest morons in America are unaware of the abuses of the Insurance Industry.



The reason is simple. It is your abuse of power. Most Americans, today do not know how this is supposed to work.

We don't elect you into office to take over anything. We don't elect you into office so you can have "ownership" of anything (my agenda, my bill, my way , my beliefs, my committee, my programs, my, my, my etc.) It is NOT ABOUT YOU!

It is NOT OWNERSHIP BUT STEWARDSHIP THAT WE ELECT YOU INTO OFFICE. It is OUR bills, OUR way, OUR beliefs OUR programs and OUR money that you are working with.



Many of you lofty members of Congress have servants. How long would a "SERVANT" last in your household if they treated you with the same indifference and arrogance that you treat us, the voting public?

Sadly the American people have been led to believe that what is happening should be happening. That you are there with your phony double speak that says "we are your servants" when you instead, dictate how we should live and breathe.

What you do is the opposite of what you say and the opposite of what you should be doing.

For ages, large corporations have been buying politicians and they have been buying the news media (print , radio, television, and now Internet offerings.) so that they can guide each American into what they should believe.

When you add to this the Public Fool System of education that has been compromised by UN-American thinking then we have a dumb populace that just "grins and bears" it.

Any legislation that you clowns pass must be beneficial to ALL Americans. Legislation should not be beneficial, in the least, to any corporations if that legislation would hurt any individuals. Allowing Insurance companies to have a policy that prevents insuring or paying for patients preexisting conditions is one example.



1) Term Limits: All of you would have one and only one shot to get it right. Your legacy would be how much you helped this country. Your shame would be how much you helped corporations. This also means that you don't get to spend any energy getting re-elected.

2) I would abolish and make it a treasonous offense to accept any money, gifts, future employment options, free flights/vacations, gifts for family members or any other monetary instrument from any individual, company or corporation while in office.
2a) I would make it illegal for you to engage in any activity that you could profit from, because of your term in office, for a minim of 7 years from the last day you were in office. This means books, chairs on Boards of Directors etc.

3) I would make it against the law for ANY Monetary Lobbying Special Interest Groups to exist. Groups that spend money to sway political agendas. As an example there is no reason on this planet that BIG Oil or BIG Tobacco should be allowed to spend any amount of dollars to have lobbyists that have the ear of any member of Congress.

4) A constitutional amendment that stipulates that any amendments to any Bill must adhere to the main topic of the bill. In simple terms you can not push through your pet project for a park and water fountain in your district if the Bill's primary focus is about Education Funding for school supplies for Inner City Schools. If your park and fountain is worthy enough then it will pass on its own merit. In its own individual Bill.

5) Cap limits on personal funds used for campaigns. Public contributions for campaign funds go into a general fund that are dispersed equally to the people who have passed their primary elections. In other words if you get on the ballot box as a candidate then you get the same amount of money as everyone else. This means all of you have an equal chance to reach the public.

6) Every two years an independent review of all government spending including Military Contracts (and everything else) is to be held. Anyone who authors a Bill or has any dealings with a contract that allows for a the purchase of a $10,000.00 toilet seat or any other wasteful spending is to immediately be terminated from whatever office they hold.

7) Once elected, since you can never run for re-election, then your party affiliation ends. You become focused on what is good for America not what is good for Republicans or Democrats. You are mandated to become a UNIFIDE member of Congress. This way when any sitting President (Republican or Democrat) gives a State of the Union Address ALL of you can stand up and cheer for every point. Because you can ALL say that WE, the CURRENT MEMBERS OF THIS UNIFIED CONGRESS are responsible for these great achievements. This is a stark contrast to what is happening now.

And that's just for starters.

Members of Congress start acting like adults and patriots and statesmen instead of childish, spoiled, greedy brats!


Sadly most of my thoughts and ideas will never see the light of day.

Most people are too caught up in grinding away at what is happening instead of what SHOULD be happening.

America has not future if we can not bring these Congressional Scoundrels to justice. These idiots are worse than the criminals we put in jail.

It is the entire Washington climate and ideology that has to change. The normal way of doing things, the way things have been for the last 100 years or so is not going to work in this century.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plastic Clam Shell Packaging.

I am pretty opinionated. I've lived a long time and I have seen many things come and go.

If you ask me, the new clear plastic clamshell container more and more products are being packaged in is the dumbest idea in the last 100 years.

They're good for coin collectors, I will admit that.

For the most part, this type of plastic packaging is wasteful and counter productive.

I'm a big guy and I've struggled a time or two and have actually almost cut myself in the process.

Those of you that think this is a great idea? I'd like to pound each of you into the ground, inch by inch, until you have to poke a straw through your shoe laces to breathe for your arrogance and lack of compassion.

If a big guy like me can have a problem with this plastic crap then old people and handicapped people must have a tremendous problem with these things.

Now for all of you brainiacs out there that have IQ's that measure in the single digits that actually think that this crap is a good idea I have a few questions for you.

Question #1: Who do you think pays for all of that extra expense? The company or the people buying the product?

Question #2: These plastic containers are NOT BIODEGRADABLE where does all of this plastic crap wind up?

For those of you not paying attention; besides land fills, there is an area in the Pacific Ocean that is larger in size than the state of TEXAS. It is a swirling mass of plastic crap that is polluting the ocean. The marine life eat bits and pieces of this shit every day.

The ocean's of the world will cease to be a source of food if more plastic crap and other contaminants kill off the food supply chain, including the fish we eat.

Finally, about 30% of the time, when I get the product home and actually get to inspect it I see that it is inferior quality. This is something that I WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DISCERN if I could have actually inspected the item in the store.

We all pay for the repackaging.

Some will argue that it prevents theft. For some things perhaps.

I would argue that in many cases it costs more. (a very simplified version)

For brevity I'll use UPS as the generic Shipper. Here are some costs.

1. An employee that has to fill out the paperwork to ship it.
2. Then, depending upon the size of the store, the item is taken to UPS; or UPS picks it up; or the item is transported to another company warehouse with more paperwork for final shipment.
3. The item is shipped incurring the cost of the shipping.
4. Manufacturer receives it (either direct or by its centralized shipping warehouse) more paper work.
5. Now we must not forget the MOUNTAIN of paperwork involved for the store and manufacturer. Credits, Debits, Voided sales, inventory tracking, tax accounting ...
5. Now that the item is back someone has to inspect it, more paper work.
6. The item has to be repackaged.
7. Paperwork to ship the item back
8. repeat 1
9. repeat 2
10. repeat 3
11. The item is received (either at a warehouse or the store)
12. paperwork to enter the item into inventory
13. The MOUNTAIN of paperwork again for Credits and Debits
14. An employee has to restock the item.

In many cases (excluding theft) all someone had to do was put the item back in the box, carefully fold the cardboard flap and return it.

If this occurred at the store then the item is simply placed back on the shelf.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Governments NOT People should donate the most to Disaster Relief!


Once again the "stars" come out of the heavens for yet another televised telethon. This time it is the "Hope for Haiti" telethon. They all have to have a catchy title don't they?

One good thing is that Kanye West is not invited to participate in George Clooney's A-List event. After Katrina and MTV one can only wonder what idiotic thing he would have done.

I do applaud George Clooney and the many stars that have preceded him in their efforts to help disaster struck victims around the world. It is admirable.

BUT ...

Every fucking time there is some major catastrophe or disaster in the world the American people and other people around the world are always asked to give and to give generously. Give till it hurts so to speak.

Is giving a good thing? Of course it is.

Are the people in Haiti suffering immeasurable levels of calamity, heartbreak, devastation and loss? Yes. My heart goes out to these people.

Is this a disaster of incredible proportions? Yes! It is horrendous!

Is it any more devastating than the other world wide disasters? No.
Worlds Worst Disasters

Folks, it is our responsibility as human beings to help each other in times of crisis. That is universal. That is a given. It's human nature to want to reach out and help.

However (and yes we have another resounding BUT) ...

It is the responsibility of the world wide governments that have taken and continually take in billions and billions (trillions over long periods of time) of tax dollars each year to pay for most, if not all, of the bill.

Why is it that the common people with little money to give in these hard times are being asked to shoulder the burden of relief aid that is clearly the responsibility of these greedy governments.

Regarding donations; where does the donated money go? We never get to see how the "donated" dollars are distributed. There was enormous speculation regarding how much of what was donated for the World Trade Center disaster actually got into the hands of the families of the fallen fire-fighters and victims families.

Consider this. (I am going out on a limb here, without doing months of research)

I will wager that the sum total of all money that is collected by this new Haiti Telethon would only be equal to 1/100 of the spending waste our government has in a single day.

Here's a glaring example of what angers me to no end.

This fucking government collects billions in taxes each year. These taxes are supposed to be for this country's protection, infrastructure and our welfare. (not the monthly checks kind)

Many years after the hurricane the effects of Katrina can still be seen. Whole neighborhoods are rotting away in mold and mildew.

Does our government, comprised of very INTELLIGENT GREEDY people that is elected by very STUPID GENEROUS people fix this problem? NO!

They are asking US to pay for the fix. This is unconscionable that our government or any of its present or past leaders can even suggest this.

What you do not realize is that these donatations that we give are yet another HIDDEN TAX, much of which winds up in someone else's pocket.

The priorities of those we elect into office are all wrong. Instead of waiting for us to donate they should have already had significant help efforts in place. Haiti is not a "world" away, it is in our own back yard so to speak. The fact that disaster relief is just now really getting mobilized illustrates that we still have a "reactionary" government rather than a "prepared" government.