Friday, January 22, 2010

Governments NOT People should donate the most to Disaster Relief!


Once again the "stars" come out of the heavens for yet another televised telethon. This time it is the "Hope for Haiti" telethon. They all have to have a catchy title don't they?

One good thing is that Kanye West is not invited to participate in George Clooney's A-List event. After Katrina and MTV one can only wonder what idiotic thing he would have done.

I do applaud George Clooney and the many stars that have preceded him in their efforts to help disaster struck victims around the world. It is admirable.

BUT ...

Every fucking time there is some major catastrophe or disaster in the world the American people and other people around the world are always asked to give and to give generously. Give till it hurts so to speak.

Is giving a good thing? Of course it is.

Are the people in Haiti suffering immeasurable levels of calamity, heartbreak, devastation and loss? Yes. My heart goes out to these people.

Is this a disaster of incredible proportions? Yes! It is horrendous!

Is it any more devastating than the other world wide disasters? No.
Worlds Worst Disasters

Folks, it is our responsibility as human beings to help each other in times of crisis. That is universal. That is a given. It's human nature to want to reach out and help.

However (and yes we have another resounding BUT) ...

It is the responsibility of the world wide governments that have taken and continually take in billions and billions (trillions over long periods of time) of tax dollars each year to pay for most, if not all, of the bill.

Why is it that the common people with little money to give in these hard times are being asked to shoulder the burden of relief aid that is clearly the responsibility of these greedy governments.

Regarding donations; where does the donated money go? We never get to see how the "donated" dollars are distributed. There was enormous speculation regarding how much of what was donated for the World Trade Center disaster actually got into the hands of the families of the fallen fire-fighters and victims families.

Consider this. (I am going out on a limb here, without doing months of research)

I will wager that the sum total of all money that is collected by this new Haiti Telethon would only be equal to 1/100 of the spending waste our government has in a single day.

Here's a glaring example of what angers me to no end.

This fucking government collects billions in taxes each year. These taxes are supposed to be for this country's protection, infrastructure and our welfare. (not the monthly checks kind)

Many years after the hurricane the effects of Katrina can still be seen. Whole neighborhoods are rotting away in mold and mildew.

Does our government, comprised of very INTELLIGENT GREEDY people that is elected by very STUPID GENEROUS people fix this problem? NO!

They are asking US to pay for the fix. This is unconscionable that our government or any of its present or past leaders can even suggest this.

What you do not realize is that these donatations that we give are yet another HIDDEN TAX, much of which winds up in someone else's pocket.

The priorities of those we elect into office are all wrong. Instead of waiting for us to donate they should have already had significant help efforts in place. Haiti is not a "world" away, it is in our own back yard so to speak. The fact that disaster relief is just now really getting mobilized illustrates that we still have a "reactionary" government rather than a "prepared" government.

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