Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fuck You Google, Tyrants

I just want to say Fuck You Google.
And guess what I am not alone.

Go to Google and Google "Fuck You Google" and this is what is returned.
Results 1 - 10 of about 29,800,000 for fuck you google. (0.22 seconds)
This number is likely to grow in the coming months.

The fucking fade in, the dropping apples, all of this crap that slows down my search experience.

http://google.com/firefox/ gets you the lean mean Google version.

Google sucks more each day and folks, I'm here to say its going to get worse.

Google is the new, even more impersonal, Microsoft!

The bigger these giant mother-fucking companies get the more they can shit on us.

Just like Congress shits on us.

The only way to get them back if for a significant number of people to stop using their products.
This will NEVER happen. Why?

There are too many "lemmings" in the world that have the proverbial ring in their nose and are led around by the latest trend news-rags-entertainment-shows.

This is the shirt I should be wearing, these are the shoes I have to get, this is the search engine I need to be using.

When Google announces a new product its blasted on TV in such a way that it causes a fucking feeding frenzy.

The smart people like us who see through the facade are too few in numbers.

These companies are your best friends when they are starting out and then they turn vicious.

Google has no user support whatsoever. They don't need it. What else are people going to use Microcheese's Bing? Yahoo? Yahoo is another company that just relies on lip service to pacify any complaints. They never fix anything. People are paid to respond to your emails and make you feel good and nothing changes.

That's like the people in jail complain about the green bologna that has flies on it. Green bologna with flies on it? That's terrible. Yeah, we'll get right on that you shouldn't have to eat flies. Think it ever changes?

These companies will get bigger, more impersonal and more intrusive.

Now many of them are suggesting in new ad campaigns that they want you to store you files online now. FUCK THAT! Who's to stop some sysadmin from rummaging around your stuff?

It's happening everywhere. Giant corporations gobbling up smaller ones and they will get even larger than they are now. What then?

If you have ever had to deal with their support with Ad-sense then you know what I am talking about.

They keep track of every single search from every single IP.

If they are not already in BED with the government they soon will be.

I'll finish by saying "FUCK YOU GOOGLE and the HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!"

I like the sound of FUCK YOU!

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