Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plastic Clam Shell Packaging.

I am pretty opinionated. I've lived a long time and I have seen many things come and go.

If you ask me, the new clear plastic clamshell container more and more products are being packaged in is the dumbest idea in the last 100 years.

They're good for coin collectors, I will admit that.

For the most part, this type of plastic packaging is wasteful and counter productive.

I'm a big guy and I've struggled a time or two and have actually almost cut myself in the process.

Those of you that think this is a great idea? I'd like to pound each of you into the ground, inch by inch, until you have to poke a straw through your shoe laces to breathe for your arrogance and lack of compassion.

If a big guy like me can have a problem with this plastic crap then old people and handicapped people must have a tremendous problem with these things.

Now for all of you brainiacs out there that have IQ's that measure in the single digits that actually think that this crap is a good idea I have a few questions for you.

Question #1: Who do you think pays for all of that extra expense? The company or the people buying the product?

Question #2: These plastic containers are NOT BIODEGRADABLE where does all of this plastic crap wind up?

For those of you not paying attention; besides land fills, there is an area in the Pacific Ocean that is larger in size than the state of TEXAS. It is a swirling mass of plastic crap that is polluting the ocean. The marine life eat bits and pieces of this shit every day.

The ocean's of the world will cease to be a source of food if more plastic crap and other contaminants kill off the food supply chain, including the fish we eat.

Finally, about 30% of the time, when I get the product home and actually get to inspect it I see that it is inferior quality. This is something that I WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DISCERN if I could have actually inspected the item in the store.

We all pay for the repackaging.

Some will argue that it prevents theft. For some things perhaps.

I would argue that in many cases it costs more. (a very simplified version)

For brevity I'll use UPS as the generic Shipper. Here are some costs.

1. An employee that has to fill out the paperwork to ship it.
2. Then, depending upon the size of the store, the item is taken to UPS; or UPS picks it up; or the item is transported to another company warehouse with more paperwork for final shipment.
3. The item is shipped incurring the cost of the shipping.
4. Manufacturer receives it (either direct or by its centralized shipping warehouse) more paper work.
5. Now we must not forget the MOUNTAIN of paperwork involved for the store and manufacturer. Credits, Debits, Voided sales, inventory tracking, tax accounting ...
5. Now that the item is back someone has to inspect it, more paper work.
6. The item has to be repackaged.
7. Paperwork to ship the item back
8. repeat 1
9. repeat 2
10. repeat 3
11. The item is received (either at a warehouse or the store)
12. paperwork to enter the item into inventory
13. The MOUNTAIN of paperwork again for Credits and Debits
14. An employee has to restock the item.

In many cases (excluding theft) all someone had to do was put the item back in the box, carefully fold the cardboard flap and return it.

If this occurred at the store then the item is simply placed back on the shelf.

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