Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Rid of Democrats and Republicans!

Here's a story I saw on Yahoo.

I wish we could get rid of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party because quite frankly I am SICK OF BOTH OF THEM!

Before you label me a communist, think on this.

We have "free" elections. These people that we elect, eventually become our dictators, making rules and regulations behind closed doors that none of us agreed to. Spending our money in ways that none of us agreed to. What difference does it make how many Political Parties there are?

How much of each and every day and how much total human effort is involved with this constant Party fighting and bickering? What percentage of the overall news coverage is about forward progress in America vs. the fighting and bickering; two isle grid lock crap?

Why not have one single unified, independent, RESPONSIBLE Party filled with Americans that are dedicated to ONE SINGLE CAUSE!


Democrats and Republicans act as if they are still in High School!

Get over yourselves.

Get rid of these worthless pundits on both sides. One, for example, would be Rush Limbaugh, who has done nothing in his life, but incite rage amongst people under the guise of having some pseudo intelligence about how life would be much better if everyone was a Republican. He hasn't got half a brain to tie behind his back. In fairness, neither do the pundits who are on the other side that would argue that life would be better if everyone was a Democrat these people have the same limited brain power.

If we look back, every single time a Republican majority has had the majority of power, we have gone deeper and deeper into this massive debt. Ronald Regan's Administration was the forerunner to this trend.

When the Democrats get into power then all we hear, from the dullards in the Republican Party, the party that has just messed everything up, is how bad things are going. And we have problems in the aftermath of a Democratic majority.

For the most part, MOST PEOPLE ACT STUPIDLY when it comes to Politics.

For example: People complain that the stimulus package is not working.

What? WTF? WHY?

Anyone? Any dummies out there? C'mon its not a stretch for you to engage a few brain cells.

1) The best plans are often laid waste due to human nature. How many greedy mother-fuckers are dipping into the pot? Not releasing funds? Misappropriating funds for big plush administrative offices and a huge work force to dispense the cash? By the time these people are done, years have gone by, you only have 30% of the funds, if that, left to distribute.

2) Fixing the economy can be compared to moving a two bedroom house vs. moving the Empire State Building from NYC to San Francisco. Which do you suppose will take longer?

3) Most people act like babies wanting their pacifiers or like kids in the back seat on vacation "Are we there yet ... (5 min later) are we there yet?)
It took almost a decade to get into this mess with all of the big corporate sludge and greed, it will take nearly that long, IF you can get HONEST people involved, to fix it!

It's not rocket science!

People act stupidly who are in Politics. What percentage of those who are currently elected are actually doing something constructive?

Then we have the Corporate Sponsored News Media that has to spend hours and hours and hours analyzing and comparing which person in office has been treated more harshly or who had more crap dumped on them.

All of these things, from the largest to the smallest, that represent divisions, bickering, fighting, blaming, name calling, this is fair, this is not fair, and on and on and on does NOTHING to further this country.

A single party would still have people voted in by the people. Not that it matters much for the President because it is the Electoral College that actually votes him in.

It's time to take the Football Mentality out of Politics. We have two teams, in our own playing field that are gladiators, fighting each other, over ever single aspect of life. It's a prideful ownership (who has bragging rights) problem. We need a single All Star Team that is dedicated to US and has our (the People's NOT Corporation's) best interest at heart. This All Star Team would then be on the playing field against the teams from other countries to make sure that we are not taken advantage of in the world.

All of you sitting back and DOING nothing about this need to get your ass up out of the sofa, start talking to friends, neighbors and work associates and get a grass roots effort underway to start a big change that will fix some of this shit!


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