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Child Abuse at its worst.

Please watch this video.
A story on Yahoo.

I have been researching crimes and punishments and our loopy Justice System for more than 12 years.

And again, as some of you know, most of my data is on my computer that's not working.

I have lots to say on this and in a later Blog I hope to dispel some myths and enlighten people on what the real score is out there with our Justice System.

Here is a true statement.

Child abuse is Child Abuse.

Why, is it when we add the three letter word "SEX" in front of child abuse everyone goes ballistic?

Some simple facts and it's all about perspective:

1) 97% of ALL sex offenses are NOT perpetrated by strangers. The victims know the perpetrators; family, neighbors, etc.
2) Only 2.7% of ALL sex crimes that are committed are of the Poly Glass, Adam Walsh severity. This per capita statistic has been almost constant for decades and decades.
3) Many of the Sex Offenders have not been caught yet.
4) Predatory Sex Offenders, those who seek out and prey on young children, are narcissistic sociopaths. To them, children are like objects. The silly and ridiculous knee jerk legislation that restricts (2000' feet) where these Sex Offenders can live has no effect on these predators. There are more than 3,000,000 registered sex offenders in the country. They have to live somewhere.
Here are some facts about this housing lunacy:
a) There is no evidence that this restriction has any positive benefit whatsoever with the propensity of a person to commit a sex crime.
b) Does this mean that children are SAFE if the Sex Offender lives 2001 feet away? For all of you "Lost in Space fans: DANGER! DANGER! WILL ROBINSON a Sex Offender lives 1999 feet away.
) Many of the crimes committed are molestations of people between the ages of 16 and 18. (How many musicians in famous bands have had underage groupies in their hotel rooms?)
Did you know that someone just putting their hands on someone in an inappropriate manner, because of the way the statues are written, that physical act could be escalated to a rape charge?
Guys, if you ever opened your drunken date's pants and put your hand on her tush, you could be charged with Rape! Girls, you have nothing to worry about; although the court will take a dim view of what I have to say next, when it comes to men, you can't rape the willing.
6) Women are not punished as severely as men.

There's a LOT more on this I could say, but I will stop for now.

Now we have a conundrum. Both of the following crimes are bad but, here's where the perspective aspect kicks in. Here's a perfectly logical question.

Who has behaved more violently and has done more overall damage?

1) The "Bad" Uncle that puts his hands down his step-nieces pants? Many Sex Offenders are not out to "hurt" their victims. Their skewed thinking, in many cases, has them believing that they are not hurting anyone. Many of them, in fact, just wanted to make their victims feel good. Statistically, a large percentage of Sex Offenders do not have their victims reciprocate in any way. In other words they don't have sex or any other physical gratification.


2) The lady in the video tape?
There are many more instances of this kind of abuse; Some cases more violent, some more oppressive (like being locked in a basement or closet for years at a time) abuse that last for years and years against children in this country. I would say, conservatively, that there are 25 instances to every single Sex Offence of children that are severely abused every day.

There is no correct answer here. Both crimes are bad, but, to me, the woman in the video is a little more violent, a little more egregious than many of the Sex Offenders.

My big question is why don't we hold these non SEX related child abusers to the same level of accountability as we do for Sex Offenders?

Most of the time the sentences for these people are only a few years in Prison and when they get out of Prison, they get to live anywhere they want to.

In my mind these people are as bad as, if not worse than the majority of the people we are labeling Sex Offenders.

These people should not only receive larger sentences than they typically get, but they should also be forced to register on the same exact Registry as Sex Offenders.

Actually, we should change the Sex Offender Registry to be either the Child Endangerment Registry or the Child Abuse Registry.

We should be concerned about all forms of Child Abuse!

In fact, if you look very closely at our entire population, and then scrutinize every aspect of everyone's life; and then you use the current wording of the Sex Offender Statutes as they are written in most states, more than 80% of the people in this country have committed some sort of sex crime.

I honestly don't understand the lunacy behind the 2000 foot restriction. Who came up with that in the first place?

Here's a clold hard statistic for you. Sex Offenders can't live within 2000 feet of a park, school, playground or daycare, but, they can live less than 20 feet away from a swing set that is in the yard next door to the approved house they reside in where 10 neighborhood kids play every day. The public parks and playgrounds are empty 70% of the time.

This also poses a threat to our society. The 2000 foot restriction effectively shuts these people out of living in 90 - 100% of most populated areas. So rather than register, they drop off the grid. Now we don't know where many of them are. Are you Feeling Safer?

Here is a diagram.
(P) - Park/Plaground/School
(S) - Sex Offender

Anyone have any idea of how many zig-zags it takes to make any sense out of this rule. I would think, that if whomever it is what is worried about the 2000 foot rule, is worried about a Sex Offender being in the proximity or "line of sight" from a school, then one or two zig-zags (500 feet) seems more reasonable.

And, finally; (and this is where the 2000 foot restriction makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever) Most Sex Offenders have to work for a living in order to survive.

Here's a logic thought experiment for you...

DURING THE DAY, when most of the kids are in school and at the playgrounds and at the day care centers where are most of the Sex Offenders? Hmmm? They are away at work. DURING THE NIGHT, when the Sex Offenders come home from work where are most of the children? Hmmm? They are at home! They are no where near the School, park or playground.

Am I the only one that thinks that this whole 2000' thing is a little absurd?

In the last 15 years or so, with the many varied occupations I have had, I have come into contact with a number of Sex Offenders. Most of these people were intelligent, sensitive, caring people, that, for whatever reason, got caught up doing something stupid that wrecked their lives and were extremely sorry for all of the damage they had done. None of these people struck me as being the "monsters" that the News Media or America's Most Wanted portrays them as being.

I have a whole Blog devoted to this Sex Offender lunacy, because, I think in our country we have go so far overboard with this that we've lost all common sense and sensibility about it. We have gotten to the point where we are now classifying 5 year olds as sex offenders. C'mon, really? Give me a fucking break. This is how fucking retarded we've become.

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