Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Florida attorney charged in $1 billion Ponzi scheme

Ya know, I just don't have much faith in people as a whole anymore.

I mean c'mon, really?

With all of the incredible informational services available; books (not withstanding still a great learning source), the Internet with BILLIONS of web pages containing news, information, videos about anything and everything how is it that people are STILL FALLING FOR PONZI SCHEMES?

These people never heard of the now infamous BERNIE MADOFF?

The total that has been estimated at more than a billion dollars. This suggests he's been doing it for awhile so there are, conceivably, people that were already involved before the fall of the King of Ponzi had his demise.

Folks, use that pinkish matter between your ears for something more than a 3 pound paper weight.

Educate yourselves so you don't become a victim.

IT IS EASY to get caught up in the moment, the lure of easy money, the lure of getting rich for sitting back and waiting. I know, I was a victim when I was much younger of a Pyramid scheme which is slightly different but still as lethal when it comes to losing money. I lost $35.00 back in the very early 70's which was a lot to me at the time.

In this day and age with all of the bad press about Pyramid and Ponzi schemes most people should be aware that they exist.

MAKE LEARNING FUN! I'm going to add that phrase I've been saying for a long time to my Blog Description.


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