Thursday, December 24, 2009

Michael Vick get's an Award!

Michael Vick did a terrible thing.

Many people have done what he's done without any repercussions. Some people have done things that are worse.

No one is perfect.

It seems, though, when Stars and Professional Athletes do bad things they can be forgiven and even receive awards.

The world is full of many more people who have messed up, very badly. These people are not famous or extremely wealthy or in the news.

All they get is the punishment.

Most of the time there is no forgiveness and certainly no AWARDS!

Animal cruelty is just a cover for what's going on inside the real person. A person who is capable of caring so little for the "life" of these defenseless loving animals (animals feel pain; and they die in these fights) or any other living thing on this planet are certainly capable of hurting people just as easily; especially the defenseless children.

If you look at most child predators, serial killers, and very dangerous and deranged people; almost all of them started out by being cruel and abusing animals.

Something to think about when your handing out awards.

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