Thursday, December 17, 2009

The crooked Bankers are at it again! Credit card's newest trick: 79.9 percent interest

I mean seriously folks. Are you all that brain dead as to think that these schmucks have even the slightest concern for our well being?
Unbelievable Credit Card Interest Rate: Story on Yahoo.

It's unbelievable. They target the poor, the ones with the worst credit and drive them into the ground with a sledge hammer. Just kick'em when there down . While I was searching for the origin of that phrase, a phrase that I have used so often, it yielded this very relevant web page. The kick'em phrase in one of the posts.

How many thousands of bad reviews could we find on all of the banks?
Bad Review: Capital One

And we were FORCED to bail these fuckers out, so they could give hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

I've been saying stuff like this for years, and in a mini book that I am currently reading that I will pass the link along to you in a day or so, had the following quote in it. The wording is exactly what I have been complaining about for many years. This unknown author puts it all together in one paragraph. Sooner or later, if you wait long enough, someone will write and publish what you are thinking, and say it as good, if not better than you could have.

"The banksters first bought all the politicians. Next they bought all the major media to promote the illusion that politicians represent our interests. Then they took control of the education system, ensuring kids stop thinking at an early age. The Office of Homeland Security is designed to control us in order to confiscate our funds for the purpose of paying the alleged debt of trillions of dollars. Its only a matter of time before we will have no more cash, no pensions, no government 'benefits'. If we resist, there is an Orwellian police state and military police to ensure it." - author unknown

And we were FORCED to bail these fuckers out, so they could give away hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to their crooked management.

I added the bold to the educational part. This country is becoming a country that is populated by opinionated people that are seriously mentally challenged. Why we, the entire population are putting up with this is just unbelievable to me.

I am only one of a handful of lone voices in the wilderness of common sense. It will take many more people, with the RESOLVE to change the system to clean this mess up.

I have hundreds of pages of documents, that I have written, that I can't get to that support all of this . I'm stubborn. My computer is still on the fritz, and I, being the expert; and wanting to save mucho dollars, am still trying to trouble shoot it. The piece of shite is giving me a real run for my money. The most frustrating thing about the situation is I BUILT the machine from the bottom up. Whatever the problem is, it's demonic in nature.

I have not used a credit card in over 15 years! Those bastards are not getting any extra from me if I can help it.

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