Friday, December 25, 2009

Communism is alive and well in America.

When I was growing up, the Cold War was in full swing. We had those ridiculous duck and cover films. Yeah, no kidding; If an Atomic Bomb blast was immanent we were supposed to "protect" ourselves by ducking under our little desks. Even now I have to question not only the stupidity of that thinking but who came up with that unbelievably stupid idea and why is it so many other seemingly "intelligent" adults followed this advice?

Aside from that, I knew intuitively that most of the citizens of Russia were kind decent people like we have here. Most of them weren't caught up in this "take over the world" mentality; they were just trying to survive.

Wars are started by the current "Leaders" in power. Not the citizens.

Senator Joe McCarthy was on a crusade to root out the Communists and America in its "infinite" wisdom thought we could beat them militarily. That's our philosophy "Who ever has the biggest stick..."

You can see how that approach is NOT working for us. We think of those in the Middle East as being less intelligent about many things. WE, the US of A are the babies on the block. Their cunning, conniving culture goes back thousands of years. They make fools of us at almost every turn.

Dubai is a perfect example of how they have "accumulated" wealth at OUR expense, and that's not the richest place! Check this out.

How many of you use the word "State" in your vocabulary? And, when you use it you are NOT saying I live in the state of so and so. You are referring to some oppressive law or restriction that is making your life miserable or a little less fun.

Khrushchev declared - "We'll get you without bombs, in a way you'll never realize." They will destroy us from the inside - and not a single shot will be fired.

Ever think about that? If you wanted to take over a country and you knew you could not do it by force how would you do it?

I would start by placing people into positions where I could manipulate the Educational system and the Political system first. Once you get the "children" in the schools to think differently; never questioning authority, believing everything the government tells you then it's like a dominoe effect. Take away a freedom here, then another, put a rule in place then another. You have help because you control the News Media that simply reports these events as fact (in other words they're not saying WTF is going on here? - They're saying accept it or you'll be in trouble)

You, the person reading this, it is YOUR responsibility just like me, to start asking questions, to start getting more and more people thinking about these things and saying "Hey, WTF is going on here?" and starting scrutinizing these "dictators" we are electing.

How long are you going to sit back and allow the "State" to own you?

Perhaps within a decade or less we will see a change in the educational system. Children will be given aptitude tests when they are very young and then be "forced" to attend schools that foster their abilities like science or math or gymnastics.

The misfits will be relegated to factory work to build up the military / industrial machine. Alcoholism and suicide will increase. Many will no longer have a say in their destiny; it will be decided for you.

This is definitely a possibility!

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