Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad Hair Day? Don't waste your money on expensive hair products!

Hey all,

I spent decades believing the latest new commercials that promised shiny manageable hair. Garnier commercials that have shiny haired people running around! BOGUS!!!

When I finally got older, looked throughout my entire life I came to a conclusion that I had wished I would have understood when I was younger. I would have saved a ton of money and I wouldn't have wasted a lot of time on false hopes and expectations.

The truth is this: If you have really crappy hair you are screwed. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

I know this for a fact, my hair, on a scale of 1 - 10 is about a 2! It's pretty bad and it is bad because of HORRIBLE GENETICS!

The truth is if you are lucky enough to have been born with thick, soft, beautiful, shiny, smooth, straight hair it don't matter too much if you wash it with Ivory soap, swim in the ocean or dive into a chlorine pool. A person with naturally shiny straight hair can do those things and when their hair dries their hair will look great compared to a person with crappy hair. People with crappy hair can spend hours washing, conditioning, blow drying and in the end, the hair will never look as good.

Examples of great hair are: Avril Lavigne, Susanne Sommers, Meg Ryan, Keanu Reeves, etc.

Why my hair sucked...
Fathers Side -
Grandfather: had straight Brownish Black hair and went about 50 percent bald.
Grandmother: had wiry coarse black hair.
Father and one Aunt: Wiry, coarse hair that was dirty blonde as a kid, dark brown as an adult. receding hair line with no gray. He had to wear his hair cut very short.
Uncles: All straight hair, receding no balding; no gray.

Mothers Side -
Grandfather: Straight baby fine hair that turned gray.
Grandmother: Wavy fine hair (from pictures) she died when my mom was 18 months old.
Mother: Baby fine light brown hair that was wavy and she turned gray.

Genetic Cess Pool; worst of both worlds: Densely packed (meaning very little space between hair follicles) super baby fine hair that has no life, luster, or body. It is wiry and wavy with cowlicks everywhere. I have had heavy dandruff since as far back as I can remember. Started out light blonde, and then dirty blonde, then brown then gray and then very light gray. My hair is about 1/4 the thickness of normal thick hair.

My hair is also like weird pubic hair or under arm hair. It grows very slowly and it stops growing when it reaches a certain length. For me it is about inch from my shoulders. And if I do wear it long it looks stringy and just plain horrible.

In high humidity it is frizzy. When it is wet all of the volume disappears because it is so thin. The only word that really works is "pitiful".

Can you image how frustrating it was to try and be a Hippy or a Rock & Roll drummer with HAIR FROM HELL?

I tried ironing it (back in the day), I tried chemical relaxers (hair is too fine), expensive products and the end result was a big ZERO!

Good diet full of anti-oxidants, hot oil treatments, aerobic exercise, good hygiene and scalp massages can help a little. But not much.

They may come up with something in the future that works wonders. Here's one possibility

I saw a Montel Williams show once that had this girl with hair as crappy as mine. Her hair grew longer. Maybe that's because she had estrogen and not testosterone and from the looks of her frizz I'm glad mine didn't grow. Here's the kicker. Her biological sister has some of the most beautiful hair you've ever seen. My heart went out to this nappy headed girl because I could relate. Her sister can get up, wash her hair and simply let it dry. The other girl can't even drag a comb through it. Montel's show gave her a make over, with a professional straightener but it was only a close approximation.

Most modern shampoos that you buy in the store are petroleum based. Some newer ones that are more natural can be found on infomercials and health food stores may work better because they don't have detergents.

In the end find a low cost shampoo and conditioner, with the right PH balance that works for your hair type. Change brands occasionally; your body can get used to one brand and it becomes less effective.

So the bottom line is don't waste your money believing that you will have great looking hair if you buy certain products.

Beautiful, healthy, shiny hair is low maintenance. I lived with a girl that had hair like many Orientals do. Quick wash, quick blow dry and she was good to go.

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