Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windows Annoyances

It's sad how gullible people are.

While scouring the web a few minutes ago, I happened to enter the search term "Windows Annoyances"

Windows is an Operating System (OS); it is what allows you to run your favorite programs on your computer.

Google returned 2,650,000 listings.

BTW: All web stats are dated 12/9/2009 circa 3:46PM PST

Let's look deeper.
WINDOWS annoyances 2,650,000
UNIX Annoyances 214,000
MAC Annoyances 84,400
OS X annoyances 332,000

Windows is clearly the winner or loser in this case.

The first on the list was a popular site I have been to far too many times than I should have been.

Windows 7         38
Windows Vista    530
Windows 2003     124
Windows XP     16120
Windows ME      2522
Windows 2000    2981
Windows 98      6262
Windows 95       833
Total Pages    29410
Total @ 10 per page    294100

This one site (as of 12/9/2009) has 29,410 pages of annoyances.

I mean really. It's a testament, don't you think, to just how incredibly gullible we are.

It's a testament to the fallacy of what should be considered good software and it should be a supreme EMBARRASMENT for Microsoft, the premier software company on the planet.

ALL OS's are a Pain-In-The-Ass in some respects. Windows simply has more of the painful aspects associated with it.

The public keeps buying new versions and believing that "Windows" and/or Microsoft is the best.

Personally, I am not much of a fan of any OS, or company.

I did like NeXTSTEP many years ago which had UNIX under the hood and Mac OX X is similar in some respects but I pledge no real allegiance. I have always been a partial to of UNIX because of its stability and solid design aspects.

For me, it's whatever works and works well. These days, that's not a lot.

Some day, I hope, some other genius besides me will come up with an OS that combines the best of Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, BSD, Linux and NeXTSTEP leaving behind an OS that works, is stable, is hard to attack with virus and has little or no annoyances.

In the mean time, if more people would migrate AWAY from Windows to ANYTHING else then perhaps Microsoft would get the hint and fix their crap once and for all. And for the other OS's that people migrated to would become more popular and more third party applications would be developed for it.

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